How to make a fishtail ID dog collar

A dog collar and tag provides your pets their basic identification, which is needed in case they get lost. And this paracord collar will blow all the other flat collars away.

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Dog Collar

How to make a paracord slingshot

A slingshot is a really good hunting tool used back from the early days. Today, it can still be used for hunting, self defense or just simply for the fun of it.

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How to make an easy paracord necklace

Paracord is not only used in survival gears. It can also be used as a fashion wear that let’s you carry an extra cordage around.

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How to make a paracord sunglasses lanyard

What better ways to keep your sunglasses in tact than with a paracord? This sunglasses lanyard is so cool you won’t even look like a grandpa.

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3 Last Minute Paracord Christmas gift ideas!

Holiday is just around the corner and we often forget to get something for someone especially during the holiday rush. Here are some neat paracord gift ideas for those who doesn’t have the time to make one.

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