How to make a kubotan with paracord and screw

With just a paracord and a screw, you can craft this very dangerous weapon.

This video is from darkchild57 on youtube. The video and audio instructions are clear with a step by step procedure. This is a fairly easy and useful paracord projects.

I’ve been a fan of kubotans and I really like their portability and simplicity. This is a nice weapon to carry around while on the street without attracting too much attention.

You can also use a different size of screw depending on your needs. And don’t forget to wrap your screw with tape to make the edges smooth before wrapping it with paracord.

This kubotan is very discreet due to the fact that it is wrapped nicely with paracords. And best of all its cheap.

If you don’t have a paracord yet, you can visit theĀ Paracord Supplies section and you can purchase your paracords from there.

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2 thoughts on “How to make a kubotan with paracord and screw

  1. It depends on the bolt or screw but you can make a same kind of keychain without the screw and you need about two arms length.

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