How to make a sharpie lanyard

I always carry around a sharpie. I find it very useful for marking stuff, and labeling some food packs I carry. But I always tend to lose them a lot.

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How to make a Paracord Donut

How to make a Paracord Donut. An easy and useful way to carry your extra cordage on your pack without the tangles.

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How to wrap a backpack strap with paracord

How many times did you ever hesitate on cutting your survival bracelets for cordage? If you want to carry extra emergency cordage without the fancy knots and braiding. This one is for you.

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How to make a paracord carabiner spool

In the wild, who has the time to braid paracord back once you unravel them? No one! Unless you want to kill some time instead of hunting or surviving.

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Storage Wrap

How to tie a paracord fishtail bracelet

This is once of the classic type of a paracord bracelet. You’re missing a lot if you still don’t know how to make one of these.

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Survival Bracelet