How to make a pracord braiding jig (easy version)

A braiding jig is not a requirement to start your Paracord Projects, but it helps a lot by holding the paracord in place when you need both of your hands to weave.

The video is from NONNIE357 on youtube. The video is clear as well as the audio quality. It’s not a long video and the jig parts are explained pretty well.

The author will not build the paracord jig from the start but will briefly tell how each part was made, what they are for and how they can be measured.

Paracord braiding jigs are very useful if you plan to regularly create paracord survival bracelets or paracord lanyards and stuff. So if you have a spare plank of wood lying around, this is the best way to put it into use. It doesn’t have to be really pretty.

The wood measure he used for this Paracord Projects is 37″ X 9 1\4 ” BY 1 and make sure to cutout the slot first.

UPDATE: I received some emails asking for exact measurements

The jig itself is made out of 4 pieces. The total length of the wood used is 37 inches that will be used for 3 strips of same size, a middle part and the main board. The width of the wood was 9 1/4 and each strip is 2 inches wide. This gives you room for a 5.25 inches wide middle part. You can also make each strip 1.5 inches wide leaving a room for 6.25 inches middle part and the rest will be your main board.

If you don’t have a paracord yet, you can visit the Paracord Supplies section and you can purchase your paracords from there.

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