How to make a paracord flashlight wrap

Posted by Major Cord on Jun 30, 2011

Today we will make an exciting Paracord Projects, how to make a Paracord flashlight wrap. This project will not only give your flashlight a better look but also a better grip.

This video is from bigbubba5037 on youtube. The video and audio instructions are clear as usual with closeup shot for clearer view of the process. It’s kinda confusing at first but I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

The flashlight used in the video has flare on both ends so that it won’t slip. For those who have a straight flashlight, we will cover that in the next few episodes so be sure to check back often.

This is a very useful project and you can also do it on other stuff other than flashlights.

If you don’t have a paracord yet, you can visit theĀ Paracord Supplies section and you can purchase your paracords from there.

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