How to make a paracord necklace or neck lanyard

We’ve made a lot of survival bracelets and now it’s about time to make a necklace.

This video is from MobFrenziedHomicide on youtube. The video quality is nice and the audio instructions are clear and easy to follow. The method is really not hard at all and even beginners can pull this off easily.

There are numerous uses for this project, you can use it as a knife neck lanyard or any other things you want to carry around hanging on your neck. You can also use it as an ID lace and really look cool.

This Paracord Projects requires a cord lock to fasten the paracords together. You can also just make a knot but I think a cord lock would make things easier.


If you don’t have a paracord yet, you can visit theĀ Paracord Supplies section and you can purchase your paracords from there.

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2 thoughts on “How to make a paracord necklace or neck lanyard

  1. Jason Bonnell says:

    Hello my name is Jason Bonnell.

    Ex Army Ranger and I really enjoyed your video. I am now a Youth Pastor on the side for approx 20 youth. Getting ready for our annual youth camp.I would love to be able to use your video and the necklace you made. To use for and example.I will not do anything to the necklace I will leave it orginal.

    Thank you, Jason Bonnell

    RR1 Box 191a
    Ellenboro, WV 26346

  2. Patrick Cleary says:

    Very well done I am new to this and am learning quite a lot, thank you. As for me I am a pepper that served during Katrina and Rita I have made it my mission to educate and share these skills. This will help a lot.

    Patrick Cleary
    Po box 2306
    Helendale, Ca. 92342

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